House Rules

Rules can be a drag, but they are a necessary evil.  We just want things to run smoothly so that everyone can have a kick ass time.

  • We are a small restaurant with a small kitchen, but if you’re patient everything will be awesome. (Besides, we’ve got a bar.)
  • When the patio is open, our seating capacity doubles. Our kitchen capacity doesn’t. (Again, the bar.)
  • Contrary to popular belief, we are unable to seat large parties. Parties of 6 or more will be split into smaller groups and sat at separate tables.
  • We only seat complete parties.
  • If there is a line of hungry people out the door, we will ask for your table after you are finished.
  • Please resist the urge to move tables and chairs.
  • No dogs allowed in the restaurant or on patio.
  • We like loud music & we hope you do too…because we won’t turn it down.
About Handlebar
2311 W. North Ave. [map]
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 384-9546

Open Daily 10am-1am.
Brunch 9am-3pm Sat & Sun.
Kitchen open until 12:30am.
No Reservations.

Gift Certificates are available.
To purchase, stop in or e-mail us at